Double release day, Zanshin 0.3.1 and 0.4beta1 are out

Have you been wondering what we've been up to since the start of the new year? Well, we have been preparing the future of our product. We've been working not on a new release but two new releases!

We are then happy to announce the immediate availability of Zanshin 0.3.1 and Zanshin 0.4beta1 (aka 0.3.81)!

First, Zanshin 0.3.1 is a simple bugfix release. After Zanshin 0.3 started to be used more widely, two bugs were reported by our users which are now fixed: 1. in some cases the cursor in the editor would jump around preventing editing items has been tamed and shouldn't affect you anymore; 2. if you left your Zanshin running overnight, the Workday page content wouldn't get update at midnight, but now it reacts to change of day properly.

Second, Zanshin 0.4beta1 is a pre-release of our new branch. It doesn't bring any new feature, but this is the first release ported to Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 which makes it big news. We've been using it in production internally for a few weeks now with no major issue in sight. Since the port was executed much faster than expected, we used the extra time for running quality tools on the code base. As such we hunted down quite a few potential performance issues and fixed a couple of leaks (of which the number in the application was surprisingly low). That is what we're releasing today.

As usual, you can grab 0.3.1 or 0.4beta1 while they are fresh! You can download the sources obviously, which is the best way to have something up to date but a bit more involving. Packages are available for openSUSE from the home:ervin repository, give it a bit of time for other distributions to catch up.

What's next? We'll keep stabilizing the upcoming Zanshin 0.4 and we'll also make a couple of GUI adjustment to make it prettier and slicker at places, nothing dramatic though. As soon as the final Zanshin 0.4.0 will be released, we will start working on Zanshin 0.5 which will bring new features again.

Posted on 03 Apr 2016,