How to Install

Zanshin is available for a variety of operating systems. You will find below how to get your task management fix!

Although we didn't test it ourselves on Windows, Zanshin is available thanks to the KDE Windows installer. Just download the installer, and go through the wizard while making sure to check Zanshin in the list of components to install, that should get you started.

It is not available yet, but don't hesitate to join us to help us getting it working for Mac users.

Zanshin is also available for Linux based systems. Used with other KDE Applications or within the Plasma Desktop, it unlocks all of its best features, try it out!

  • On OpenSUSE, it is available through the home:ervin and KDE:Unstable:Extra repositories;
  • On Fedora, it is directly available for all releases since Fedora 15.
  • On Ubuntu, it is directly available in universe for all releases since Ubuntu 12.04;
  • On Arch Linux, it is directly available in the community repository;
  • On Gentoo, it is directly available through the package simply named zanshin.
Your distribution is missing? Don't hesitate to join us to help up getting it working on your distribution.

And of course, you can also download the sources!