Look Ma' what I found under the tree! Zanshin 0.3rc1!

Just in time for Christmas, we wished to deliver a neat present to our users. That's why we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Zanshin 0.3rc1 (aka 0.2.91).

This new release builds upon the new technical foundations we put into place and published to the public for the first time with our previous beta. We have been listening to user feedback and fixed the bugs they found. We would like to thank David Faure and Matija Ċ uklje who have been instrumental in finding quirks, providing feedback and supporting us. Thanks guys, it is really appreciated!

They have been exhaustive in their testing and since we fixed all the problems they reported, we feel confident enough to label this new Zanshin as release candidate.

If no showstopper is found in the coming week, what we're releasing today is pretty much what you will get for the upcoming Zanshin 0.3 final release.

As usual, grab it while it is fresh! On the package front, openSUSE is still the most up to date distribution but if you feel adventurous, you can download the sources for the latest and greatest.

Posted on 24 Dec 2015,