Zanshin 0.3 beta1 is out!

Although the wait has been very long between Zanshin 0.2.1 and 0.2.2, we are now happy to announce the immediate availability of Zanshin 0.3 beta1! (aka 0.2.80)

Finally! We're getting a new feature release in sight. It brings a lot of changes coming from our own dog-fooding of 0.2.x, discussions with designers and users feedback.

One of the main changes in the organization of your tasks is coming from the fact that now projects and contexts are in flat lists and not hierarchical anymore. Also, we got rid of the two application modes (contexts vs projects) which meant you had two inboxes to deal with, it was painful to sort your data on all dimensions.

Those sound like radical changes, but we paid attention to not gratuitously change everything, we have also been fairly conservative with the overall GUI and workflow and feel at home quite quickly.

Of course, we introduced quite a few new features: * tasks can be hierarchical now (which nicely compensate the new flat organization of projects and contexts); * all views can be filtered and we have a couple of sort criteria already; * a full editor is provided where you can set start and due date; * a new workday page is available to see all the tasks you should act on now in a single place; * ability to choose which collections are used to retrieve the data, so now you can hide the shared calendars you're not interested in.

All that while not compromising on some of the things we like: completely driveable using your keyboard and the ability to quickly enter new tasks.

And last but not least, this marks our first attempt at also dealing with notes and not just tasks. That's why this release also provides a small companion app which we named Renku.

It is a long journey but we're almost getting there. We will release a few beta releases before the final one. We are using it in production already, but ultimately the quality and stability of the final release is in your hands! Test the betas and report your issues! The more we fix, the stronger the release will be.

As usual, grab it while it is fresh! You can download the sources obviously, which is the best way to have something up to date but a bit more involving. Right now, packages are available only for openSUSE from the home:ervin repository, but I'm sure others will catch up soon.

Grab it! Test it! And let us know how it behaves for you. So far we like it. :-)

Posted on 17 Dec 2015,