Zanshin 0.2.2 transition release

Three years, five months and eleven days... yes, it's the elapsed time since our last release announcement. But don't despair! We're still alive and kicking.

We've been busy working on our next release which is much more ambitious than the previous one. As part of this future release, we had to adjust a bit how we store some information. That is why today we are announcing a transitional minor release.

Behold Zanshin 0.2.2!

From the user point of view you should not see any difference with the previous bugfix release, but Zanshin 0.2.2 is here to help the data transition toward the future Zanshin 0.3.

It is especially interesting for users who want to test the bleeding edge and upcoming version as it is prepared. By using Zanshin 0.2.2 they will get forward and backward compatibility for their data allowing them to easily switch between versions.

As usual, grab it while it is fresh, it is available on a wide range of distros. Note however that most distributions will need a bit of time to catch up, so they might provide 0.2.1 for a little while longer.

Posted on 04 Aug 2015,