Zanshin 0.2.1 bugfix release

After the release of Zanshin 0.2.0 we got a few bug reports and worked on fixing those. This led us to the new Zanshin 0.2.1 release!

All reported bugs got squashed, there is no known bugs in Zanshin 0.2.1.

The most outstanding bugs fixed were the following: * "next month" for date input was in fact adding two months; * Sorting by due date was in fact sorting by the textual representation of the date, not really what one would expect; * Column widths were not restored when Zanshin is used as a plugin within Kontact.

There was also a couple of minor ones but those three were the most likely to be noticed by most people.

For this release I would like to thanks David Faure and Matthias Kretz who nailed down most of the dates issues.

As usual, grab it while it is fresh, it is available on a wide range of distros.

Posted on 24 Feb 2012,