Zanshin 0.2.0 is out!

The Zanshin Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Zanshin 0.2.0!

Since we had only a couple of minor bugs reported against the RC1, we decided to jump the gun and go ahead with the final version. Also, we're glad to let everybody know that Zanshin is now packaged on Ubuntu thanks to Aurélien Gâteau, which finally makes this tool available on all the major Linux distributions.

Last but not least, upon popular requests, we worked on a Zanshin Website. And obviously, our almighty Nuno Pinheiro made it pretty! Check it out, it gives some information about the features, and where to get Zanshin.

It's never been so easy to manage your todos and projects. Get more relaxed, use Zanshin now!

PS: We're now busy working on 0.3, more goodness to come, stay tuned. ;-)

Posted on 28 Nov 2011,